Buffalo Exchange

This past week, I went to Chelsea, which is an area of Manhattan. Chelsea is one of my favorite areas of Manhattan to visit because it seems to have a taste of everything: art galleries, restaurants, and shops.

I waited for the F train to arrive at the Kew Gardens subway station in Queens. It seemed like I waited forever. I do not know if this is because I am slowly becoming a New Yorker or if I have just become impatient. (If you are in a hurry, the F train is probably not the train you should take). I decided to take the E train and switch to the F train at a transfer subway station since the E arrived at Kew Gardens before the F train.

My train rides are usually interesting because I usually see the strangest things. Surprisingly, this ride was as normal as a New York City train ride could be. Some people listened to their iPods. A couple of people were dozing off. Someone frantically flipped through a newspaper. Minutes later, I arrived at my destination.

I had not walked around Chelsea since I got back to New York City, so I forgot how to get to Buffalo Exchange, which is the thrift store I decided to go to. After I realized I was going the wrong way, I decided to use the navigation on my phone to find it. It ended up being a ten-minute walk, which was decent.

Buffalo Exchange is chain of thrift stores in the United States. A thrift store (also known as a consignment shop) is a place where people can sell clothes they own to the store and buy used clothes. Sometimes, you find something that you love or like, and other times, you do not find anything. Shopping at thrift stores is like searching for treasure. I think shopping at thrift stores has become more of a trend for my generation, especially since many of them want to dress like some of the people they see on Tumblr. I did not find a purse like I had hoped, but I found a nice plaid flannel shirt.

I did not have much time to explore other parts of Chelsea because I had to get back to school. Hopefully, I can go again so I can blog about it.

Left: shirt bought at Urban Outfitters; right: Topman shirt bought at Buffalo Exchange.

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