Washington Square Park

Today, I went to Washington Square Park in Manhattan, which is by New York University School of Law. The subway trip took longer than I thought it would. I thought the trains would move faster on a Sunday, but I guess I was wrong. I’m sure today would’ve been a nice day to hang out in the park if it was warmer outside. The park wasn’t overcrowded.

(Taken by me)

Children were playing. Some people were riding scooters. Some people were riding bikes. Some people played chess. But many people stopped what they were doing when they heard the beautiful music being played by Colin Huggins (a pianist). I had never heard of him before today. I listened to a few of his pieces and decided to buy one of his CDs. It seemed like a lot of people loved Colin Huggins’ music because they either bought one of his CDs or gave him a tip.

Colin Huggins playing the piano in Washington Square Park (taken by me).

I decided to purchase one of his CDs.

I also got the chance to Crumbs Bake Shop. I think it is one of the best cupcakeries in Manhattan. Crumbs has so many cupcake flavors, which makes it hard to choose one. They have cupcakes with yellow cake and buttercream icing and interesting cupcakes like Apple Cobbler, Raspberry Swirl, and Cotton Candy. I decided to get a flavor that I’ve never seen: Caramel Latte. Caramel Latte is a wonderful cupcake flavor, but I’ve heard good things about most of their flavors. I highly recommend Crumbs Bake Shop if you want a tasty cupcake.

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