I went to Chelsea with a friend of mine hoping to go to Red Mango since they had a special for the month of March: $2 16 oz. smoothies until 2 PM. The Red Mango in Chelsea is one of those places you really have to look for because you’ll miss it if you don’t. We weren’t able to take advantage of this deal because the Red Mango in Chelsea was closed. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a note or sign posted that said why it was closed. We decided to go to Pinkberry and walk around Chelsea and the Flatiron areas.

A busy Chelsea street (taken by me).

(Take by me)

We stopped by Buffalo Exchange to see if there were any new goodies to buy. Unfortunately, neither one of us found anything we really liked. We eventually got to the Flatiron Building and snapped some pictures. We saw a sign with history about the small area in front of it (General Worth Square) and decided to read it. The few times I’ve been in the Flatiron District, I never noticed the sign. It was a short history about General Worth and his military career. General Worth’s monument is the 2nd oldest in New York, according to NYC Parks.

General Worth Square (taken by me).

The Flatiron Building

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