Put Some SOUL In It!

I’d been craving soul food for weeks, so when my friend asked me if I wanted to go to Amy Ruth’s, I had to say yes! Another trip to good ol’ Harlem for the books blog. I had never been, so I was excited!

Amy Ruth’s menu (taken by me)

I ordered the Reggie Harris, their Southern honey-dipped fried chicken dish, which comes with 2 sides. I chose the mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I also thought it was interesting that Amy Ruth’s menu named all of their daily entrees after people. I’m not sure how each dish got its name though.

Screenshot of some of Amy Ruth’s online menu.

Amy Ruth’s and Sylvia’s are both great restaurants. Both restaurants give off great vibes and have comforting atmosphere. Amy Ruth’s has more cheap food options than Sylvia’s does. I highly recommend both restaurants! So if you’re ever in Harlem and want to get some soul food, you can’t go wrong with either one of these restaurants.

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