S’MAC (Updated)

Often, I find myself searching for restaurants I’ve never been to/heard of in this great city. I’ve been meaning to go to S’MAC for a few months now, and I finally got the opportunity to go!

S’MAC (taken by me)

S’MAC is a restaurant that has different macaroni & cheese dishes. When I stumbled upon this place on the ‘net, I looked at the menu and thought, “I NEED to go to this place!” Macaroni & cheese is one of my favorite foods, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it. I invited my good friends, Felicia, to join me on this adventure.

(taken by me)

Being the plain Jane I can be, I ordered 4 Cheese macaroni & cheese with breadcrumbs in the Major Munch size. Major Munch is similar to a medium. They also have Nosh, Mongo, and Partay! I love that they have a great size range. The 4 Cheese mac has Cheddar, Muenster, Gruyere and a little Pecorino. It was amazing! I’m definitely going again.

(taken by me)

After we finished our wonderful food *tear*, we decided to head over to Central Park. I had never seen the fountain or the beautiful place in picture below. I have no clue what it’s called, but it was beautiful.

Photo creds to Felicia. My phone just didn’t want to take this picture, but I think it looks cool.

Here are a few other pictures taken that day:

The tunnel in Central Park (taken by me)

(taken by me)

Me in the Columbus Circle subway station. Photo creds to Felicia.


Until next time.

Update 12/7/18: S’Mac closed this location but still has one in the East Village! The address is 197 First Avenue on the corner of 12th St.

Update 05/01/2020: Added more info about the macaroni & cheese and sizes.

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