That’s SoCal: Day 3

When so many things are in walking distance, there are so many possibilities–even at midnight. I was blessed with the opportunity to get a California burrito for the first time on my third day in San Diego.


Colima’s Mexican Food

Colima’s Mexican Food, a University Boulevard gem, has plenty of options. Eric let me try some his California burrito that he got from here on my first day. It has beef, sour cream, cheese, and fries. I know. I couldn’t believe it either! I loved it so much that I decided to get one myself. It was scrumptious!

One burrito and hours of sleep later, we decided to take another trip to Hillcrest. I was craving gelato like crazy! Jasmine recommended Chocolat, a cute gelato shop in the area. Of course, we saw more art on our walk there.


California burrito: beef, sour cream, extra cheese, & fries



Chocolat has the best gelato I have ever had in the States. I hadn’t had anything close to the gelato I had in Italy years ago until now.



The dim lights and the chic furniture gave this place an interesting edge that I surprised a gelato shop could have. Everyone there was friendly. The gelato. My goodness. They had so many options! Also, they offer other food, but I was only there for that one thing: the creamy dessert that seems to have endless possibilities for flavors.



I taste-tested a couple that sounded yummy and one that I would probably never get. The one that I would never get was Spicy Chocolat. It tastes very chocolatey at first. Then the red pepper kicks in. I was really surprised! Who knew that gelato could be spicy? If I liked spicy food, I definitely would’ve gotten it.



I got Pineapple Pitaya (pitaya = dragonfruit) and Cherry Amarena Cheesecake in a waffle cone. These were two of the best flavors of gelato I’ve ever had. The consistency of both was perfect. The flavors were were rich and true to their names. If you can make it to this amazing place, go.


Day 3 was awesome.


On Day 4, I got a taste of an evening at the beach.

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