That Waffle Was Totally Wicked!

Who knew a waffle could be so wicked?

My sister told me about this awesome waffle spot in Bethesda, and her rich descriptions of the dessert waffles HAD me. She took my mom and me to Wicked Waffle, which now has only one location in the area on I Street NW in D.C. I hope they get more locations soon because anyone who loves waffles should experience this deliciousness!

Wicked Waffle has breakfast, savory, and dessert options. This company prides themselves on having fresh ingredients; not adding artificial ingredients or calories to any of their food; using fresh, local ingredients; and having gluten-free waffles. They also have soups and salads that are made fresh daily.

A restaurant's menu posted on the wall

There’s no way you won’t find more than one menu item that you want. Choosing a concoction was so hard for me! I knew that I wanted a sweet waffle, which wasn’t even half the battle. C’mon. How am I supposed to choose between the Nutella Waffle and the Tiramisu Waffle? The Sweet Waffle with vanilla ice cream and the Roasted Fuji Apples & Cinnamon Waffle?

What I Ordered

I hate taking forever to make food-related decisions, so I just chose one of the two I narrowed it down to…the Roasted Fuji Apples & Cinnamon Waffle. This amazing dish has everything in its name and traditional whipped cream or caramel cream (didn’t even know this existed). The waffle had the perfect amount of fluff, and the toppings didn’t make it soggy. I prefer my waffles sweet, so this was the perfect one for me.

A waffle with cinnamon apples, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle on top

Wicked Waffle’s Roasted Fuji Apples & Cinnamon Waffle

I had the chance to meet the super cool district manager on the day I went, and he added a personal touch to my order: caramel sauce. My GOODNESS. I don’t think I was ready for that waffle. My sister told me it was amazing, but when I finally had it myself, I was at a loss for words.

An apples and cinnamon waffle and a bacon, egg, and cheese waffle sandwich on a table

Wicked Waffle’s Roasted Fuji Apples and Cinnamon Waffle and Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Waffle Sandwich

A bacon, egg, and cheese waffle sandwich

Wicked Waffle’s Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Waffle


Although this location is now closed, I would definitely go to Wicked Waffle’s Washington, D.C. location. I love that they have great options, there seems to be something for just about everyone.

Until next time.

Update 01/31/2020: Wicked Waffle’s Montgomery Mall location is now closed. They still have their D.C. location on Eye St. NW.

Update 02/19/2020: Changed format; added a link; changed image names and captions

Update 02/29/2020: Changed a sentence that still included information about now closed location; added a link

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