Feeling Like a Boss with Boss Blend Coffee Co.

How do you prefer your coffee? Have you tried cold brew? It’s become a very popular coffee type that I think is here to stay. As someone who typically brews coffee with grounds or instant coffee, it’s become one of my favorites. Boss Blend Coffee Co. popped up on my Instagram feed at the perfect time. A Black-owned coffee brand? Here. for. it. Let’s get into it.

What I Ordered

Keeping my vow to buy black-owned more, especially things I already love, I bought some cold brew from Boss Blend Coffee Co., which is an Afro latina-owned company based in Brooklyn. You all (probably) know I have a soft spot for New York City, so it felt good to support from a location standpoint as well. Boss Blend Coffee Co.’s Cold brew coffee is a blend of this and this. It comes in a case of six 8-ounce bottles for $20.

Boss Blend Coffee Co.’s cold brew coffee.
Boss Blend Coffee Co.’s cold brew coffee.

This was my first time trying cold brew and because of this, it won’t be my last. This was the best coffee I’ve ever had! It’s steeped for 24 hours and is rich in flavor. Per the website, the origins are Colombia and Portugal, and the notes are brown sugar, delicate, and smooth. Every note is experienced while drink this cold brew coffee. I loved that I didn’t need add to much creamer. I often end up adding more creamer depending on the bitterness of the coffee. I recently learned that the bitterness is left behind when coffee is coldly brewed. The flavor of Boss Blend Coffee Co.’s is so rich and great quality. You can taste the love, hardwork, and craft in every bottle.


If you’re a coffee lover who loves Coffee that has amazing quality, Boss Blend Coffee Co. is the way to go. They ship in the U.S. nationwide. They’re selling limited cold brew batches during the holiday season, so be on the look out!

Until next time.

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