Shopping Guide: What to Gift a Blogger

It’s never too late to start a blog. Whether you want to use it as a space to express yourself or want to share your expertise, it’s a great way to share information. If you’re a blogger or know someone just getting started, here’s a basic list of things that I wish I had when I first started.

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Bloggers don’t need to have a camera if they have a smartphone. But if a blogger is interested in getting a point-and-shoot or DSLR, this is a great gift. This could depend on which niche the blogger has chosen. If you blog about the stock market, you may not have a need for a camera. This tool is great for those starting a food, travel, lifestyle, or fashion blog. This will help them capture their blog’s vision.

If you’re looking at DSLRs, Nikon and Canon are great brands. However, Nikon is my absolute favorite. I’ve used this brand for 11 years, and it has never steered me wrong. You can buy them brand new at the namesake website or many retailers like Best Buy. If you’re looking for some great used options, Adorama is a great place to get it. They even grade the used items so you know whether it’s like new or has a few scratches.

Note: If you’re buying a DSLR, make sure you buy the camera body that comes with a lens. Sometimes, the camera body doesn’t come with other accessories.

A flat lay image of the camera (Nikon D90) I use often and some cold brew coffee.


Sometimes, you won’t have someone available to take photos of you or you want to take steady shots yourself/scenes for your blog. A tripod helps make this a lot easier. It’ll pair well with your DSLR camera. There are also some that are compatible with your smartphones solely for smartphones.

Memory card for camera

if you’re using a digital camera, you’ll need this accessory. The internal memory of digital cameras usually isn’t large enough to take a lot of photos. 32 or 64 GB memory card is a great place to start. SanDisk is one of my favorite brands. Here’s a link to a 64 GB SanDisk memory card:

Note: These do come in different sizes, so please make sure the memory card fits the camera your blogger has or the one you’re about to buy for them. 😏

Camera bag

This will be the best way to safely carry or travel with your camera.

Camera cleaning kit

Everyone with a DSLR camera can benefit from having a cleaning kit. Unfortunately, dust and dirt find their way into camera equipment. Having a cleaning kit will help a lot.

Visa gift card/money

A great gift that gives a blogger options. It’s great for buying coffee, good, supplies, or anything else a blogger needs.

Office supplies

Notebooks, pens, pencils, sticky notes… Everyone’s list may be different. Having at least one notebook where you can jot down notes or write blog post drafts has helped me a lot. Sticky notes have helped me a lot with planning and brainstorming.


Whether the planner is specifically for blogging or to write down everything happening in their lives, this is a lifesaver. There’s nothing like forgetting to follow up with someone or forgetting a meeting.

Coffee mug/water bottle

Everyone gets thirsty. Why not gift your blogger a cute mug or water bottle? This would be a thoughtful gift, especially for the coffee or tea drinking blogger in your life.

Here’s a link to one of my recent favorite mugs:

I hope this blogger gift guide was helpful. There’s nothing like being gifted something that will help you on your blogging journey. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment box or email me at foodishways(at)

Happy holidays!

Until next time.

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