Hello there! I’m Kelci Reedy, and this blog is about my adventures in the D.C. Metropolitan area (home) and other cities I visit. During my sophomore year at St. John’s University, one of my classes required all students to start a blog. I chose to blog about my NYC adventures, since I was new to … Continue reading About


No, I’m not name calling. I promise!¬†DUMBO¬†(Down¬†Under the¬†Manhattan¬†Bridge¬†Overpass)¬†is an area of¬†Brooklyn¬†I didn’t know existed until it came up in one of my web searches for NYC spots. The online reviews I read said it was a nice place, so I decided to check it out. ¬†I thought DUMBO was nice. As soon as I left … Continue reading DUMBO


I went to¬†Chelsea¬†with a friend of mine hoping to go to¬†Red Mango¬†since they had a special for the month of March: $2 16 oz. smoothies until 2 PM. The Red Mango in Chelsea is one of those places you really have to look for because you‚Äôll miss it if you don‚Äôt. We weren‚Äôt able to … Continue reading Chelsea