Finding a Good Burger Is Hard to Do

Oh, New York City. I’ve missed you so much. I’ve missed exploring and experiencing what this city has to offer, and my sister was nice enough to treat me to a 4-day trip! It kind of became a sibling trip: my sister, her boyfriend, his brother, and me. We stayed at a hotel in Chelsea, and thankfully, it was barely a minute walk to the nearest subway station.

This trip was touristy, which I had mixed feelings about at first. I had no desire to go to Times Square, but one person in our group had never been to NYC. We planned to see this New York City landmark our first night in the city.

We all agreed that the first stop had to be food. Narrowing down a list of restaurants for this trip was so hard because there are too many places to choose from. American food was what we ended up going with this whole trip.


Black Iron Burger & Beer Co. is about a 10-minute walk from Times Square, which was perfect. We had to wait about 10 minutes for a table and chose to wait outside since the space to wait was super small and cramped. The wait time was better than I thought it would be on a Friday night in New York City.


The restaurant itself is a little tight. You have to squeeze between the tables to get to your seat, which is a pain. The music selection was great, and the food got to our table rather quickly. I ordered the Masterpiece burger and Ai-Oli fries. This beef burger has Swiss cheese, an organic fried egg, and Applewood Smoked bacon on it. I opted out of the onions. This side of fries has scallions, bacon, and Black Iron Burger’s special Ai-Oli dressing. I was torn between those fries and the Loaded fries, which have cheddar, scallions, bacon bits, and ranch dressing. My sister and I decided to each get one and share them since she wanted to try both, too.



The Masterpiece burger and Ai-Oli fries


The burger was absolutely perfect. The sunny side up egg was a great touch, but also made it a little messy. The Ai-Oli fries were okay, and I probably wouldn’t get them again. I would absolutely get the Loaded fries again. This meal was more than enough, and I probably could’ve saved some for later, but where’s the fun in that? Reheating fries doesn’t always go well, and I really couldn’t see myself not finishing that burger there. It was absolutely delicious.

I’d say our first night in New York City was a success.

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That’s SoCal: Day 1

I woke up at about 6 to get ready for my 8 AM flight. Traveling in comfy clothes was a must. My excitement overpowered my sleepiness. I was ready to embark on this journey to the West Coast with my 2 of my closest friends, Marjani and Donia.

Marjani and I left New York’s cold, snowy weather for warm, sunny San Diego. That was the first time I had flown in 6 years. I was actually kind of scared of flying, especially after the French Alps crash. When I went to Italy in 2009, I was scared because that was the first time I had flown since 9/11 happened. But I refused to let that bother me during my flight. I put it all in God’s hands, and He blessed us with a safe flight.


Swiped this from Marjani’s Snapchat.

I was so excited that I barely slept on the flight. I saw so many beautiful things from my window while I was thousands of feet in the air. One of those things being some of the Colorado Rockies. My screen had a feature that let us see about where we were and how far, which I thought was pretty cool. I was wide awake when the screen showed that we were in California. *Put a million heart eye emojis here*


Colorado Rocky Mountains

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A Park and a Burger

Hey, there! I’ve missed blogging so much. Cheers to another semester running around the city to find new places to go!

A little over a week ago, my sister came to visit me. I’ve missed her so much, and I’m glad she got to hang out with me! On Friday, we kept it simple and went to Potatopia. Oh, and I had my first Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino of the season. 🙂


Saturday was our exploring day. Alicia (my sister), my friends, Justin & Rich, and I explored the Meatpacking District and ventured to SoHo. We didn’t have any plans, so we just walked around until we found something interesting. We walked to some street (don’t remember the name) and got to see the New Jersey/Lower Manhattan skylines. I love skylines, so I was pretty darn happy.


After we walked a little bit further, we decided to look for the High Line. I’ve wanted to got for so long, and I finally got the chance to go!

Of course we stopped to take pictures along the way.


We eventually got to the High Line. It was nice, but I think I would’ve liked it a lot more if there weren’t a lot of people. Also, I’m sure it’s prettier before the flowers start turning brown. They have food and sell souvenirs, if that fancies you. I didn’t buy anything, but the view was nice.

The 3 wonderful people I hung out with on Saturday.

The 3 wonderful people I hung out with on Saturday.

I loved the view of the city. I believe this was at the halfway point. We didn’t walk through the whole park.

When we got tired of walking, we decided to find something to eat. We walked around until we found something that sounded appetizing. We found the New York Burger Co., which was fantastic!


I kept it simple and ordered a New York Cheeseburger and Idaho fries. They had a few sauces that caught my eye, but I thought Chipotle Barbecue (I think that’s what it’s called) sounded yummy! It was the perfect combo of tangy and spicy. My burger was already yummy, but this sauce definitely made my burger taste even better! My friends also enjoyed their meals too, so I definitely recommend this great burger place!

Here are a few more shots from our day.

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Until next time.

Summer Trip to NYC

Hey there! This time 2 weeks ago, I was packing for a weekend trip to New York City. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to visit and hang out with a few of my wonderful friends.

On the first day, I took an uber necessary trip to Amy Ruth’s, and of course, I ordered the Reggie Harris. I learned that it’s open until 5:30 AM on Saturdays. 🙂 If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my tweets about my soul food cravings.

My friend, Marjani, told me about a couple of awesome places that we went to on my second day: Brooklyn Cupcake and St. Mark’s. I’ve been wanting to go to Brooklyn since I left NYC for the summer, so when she mentioned “Brooklyn” and “cupcake” in the same sentence, I just HAD to go!


Brooklyn Cupcake in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Cupcake is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is a pretty popular area. They have a lot of yummy-sounding cupcake flavors, so I had a hard time deciding which ones I wanted! After I found an ATM to take out cash (you can’t use a card for any purchase under $10), I finally decided to buy French Toast and Guava con Queso. I decided to wait for the perfect time to devour these lovely cupcakes.




Brooklyn Cupcake interior


Marjani and I walked around Williamsburg until it was time to head to Manhattan to try a sliders place she told me about. We chilled out at Starbucks for a bit, and that’s where I found out this dreadful thing happened…

My poor cupcakes. :'(

My poor cupcakes. 😥

I was so sad when I saw this. Of course the cupcakes flipping over wouldn’t keep me from eating them, but it was still sad because they were so messy. Just know that perfect or flipped over, those cupcakes were yummy!

Then we headed to Markburger, the slider bar. This restaurant is small and doesn’t have many seats, but this doesn’t take away from the experience and chill atmosphere. I ordered 2 bacon sliders and a mocha milkshake. Thank God the food didn’t take forever to get to our table because I hadn’t eaten all day!

Sliders! (taken by me)


The worst part about this experience happened when we were waiting for and received the check. That night, we ended up with a waitress that took forever to bring us the check and forever to come back with our cash/card. We could see her from where we were sitting, and there’s no way handling a check should ever take that long. If you’re willing to (possibly) deal with that, I say go. If you’re looking for a restaurant that has great sliders, cool music, AND doesn’t break you, Markburger is the place for you.

Here are a couple of other pictures I took.

photo 4

photo 1

A picture I took in Midtown just before I left NYC.

Until next time.