Chocolat's gelato selection in the freezer

That’s SoCal: Day 3

When so many things are in walking distance, there are so many possibilities–even at midnight. I was blessed with the opportunity to get a California burrito for the first time on my third day in San Diego.


Colima’s Mexican Food

Colima’s Mexican Food, a University Boulevard gem, has plenty of options. Eric let me try some his California burrito that he got from here on my first day. It has beef, sour cream, cheese, and fries. I know. I couldn’t believe it either! I loved it so much that I decided to get one myself. It was scrumptious!

One burrito and hours of sleep later, we decided to take another trip to Hillcrest. Continue reading

A cup of gelato

Nutella Gelato at Mia Chef Gelateria

Hello, hello! The school year is almost over, which means my NYC posts will stop soon for the summer break. I’m thinking about doing something for the blog this summer, but I’m not sure yet. We shall see.


I went to S’MAC again! It was just as great as it was last time.

Two small pans of macaroni and cheese with a bottle of Half & Half and a bottle of Key Lime soda

S’MAC’s 4 Cheese macaroni: Cheddar, Gruyere, Muenster, and Pecorino

Look at that wonderful mac & cheese. Yum yum!

When I was planning this NYC adventure, I looked for new places to go in that area. While doing so, I stumbled upon Mia Chef Gelateria.

A gelato shop's storefront

Mia Chef Gelateria storefront (sorry about the blurriness).

What I Ordered

Let me tell you…it’s the second best gelato I’ve had in the states since my Italy trip in 2009. (My number 1 is now Chocolat). I’ve only had gelato a handful of times since then, but none of them have been like the gelato I had in Rome. NONE. It was such a great choice.

A cup of gelato

Mia Chef Gelateria’s Nutella and Cap’n Crunch gelati

I had Nutella and Cap’n Crunch. They were AMAZING. The Nutella gelato was just like the one I had in Rome. The flavor is so rich and tastes like just like it. The Cap’n Crunch gelato made me think of how the milk tastes after the cereal has been in it for a little bit. Mia Chef Gelateria nailed both of these smooth, creamy flavors.


I highly recommend this gelateria. You won’t be disappointed. The staff was so nice, and their gelato options are some of the coolest flavors you’ll see.

Until next time.

Updated 02/19/2020: Added more text, changed image info and format